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DLUX Glue Protector Kit

Sale priceCHF 14.00

Keep your Lash Adhesive Glue fresh with the DLUX Glue Protector Kit. It includes the DLUX airless adhesive container, which provides a tight seal to keep out air and moisture, preserving up to 99.9% dehumidification. Plus, the kit comes with a Dehumidity Bar and Glue Eva Form for optimal protection.



Dlux Mini Dehumidity Bar

The Dlux Mini Dehumidity Bar is a powerful dehumidifier, designed to keep the air in containers dry and free of moisture. Its compact size allows it to fit most spaces and its available in four eye-catching colors - blue, orange, green, and white.station

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DLUX Glue Eva Form

The DLUX Glue Eva Form is a unique adhesive developed specifically to affix the Mini Dehumidify Bar within the Dlux Airless Adhesive Container. This guarantees a reliable placement of the dehumidifier, enabling it to function at its best.