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Glue Primer

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Dlux Glue Prime is a professional-grade clear drop-type lash primer that helps ensure strong bonding and improved retention when applying lash extensions. It has an optimal pH level to allow for better adhesion and its moisture-enhancing formula is designed to keep lashes healthy.

  • Size : 15ml

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cream Remover

This Eyelash Extension Cream Glue Remover is formulated for safe and effortless lash removal. It contains basic cosmetic ingredients that dissolve the adhesive bonds without damaging the natural lashes, and its creamy texture allows for more control than a liquid remover. A small amount is all that's needed to quickly dissolve the eyelash extensions.

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Flawless Ultra Plus is a premium eyelash adhesive designed for experienced lash technicians. Its unique formula provides a fast drying time of 1 second, with up to 9 weeks of retention. It has a low level of fumes and offers remarkable hold in a range of humidity levels between 45 and 60%.

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