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Liquid Eyelash Extension Remover

Sale priceCHF 9.00

Our Liquid Eyelash Extension Remover contains basic cosmetic ingredients that dissolve the adhesive bonds on your lashes without damaging them. Our fast dissolution gel texture eyelash extension remover requires only a small amount, and stays in place to ensure greater control when removing your extensions. With our product, you can enjoy effortless eyelash removal and a healthy overall eye-safe environment.

  • Size : 15ml

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The Iconic Tweezer Magnetic Kit offers superior stainless steel construction for professional-quality results. The lightweight design and precise grip control ensure accurate handling and precise eyelash extensions. For added safety. Experience salon-level performance with every use.

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PURITY A(Alpha) is a professional grade, black eyelash adhesive that is ideal for volume and mega-volume lash applications. Boasting a drying time of only 0.5 - 1 second and providing 8 weeks of retention, it produces medium fumes and is designed for optimal performance in humidity levels between 30 - 55%.

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