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Achieve a flawless cleansing experience with DLUX Lash Primer. This no-color, oil-free formula allows you to enjoy a mild and fresh clean with every use. Its 15 ml drop type ensures a smooth moisturizing finish and clear color for a perfect, skin-cleansing experience.

  • Size : 15ml

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Enhance your eyes with LASH & BROW'S ILLUMINATION LIFT. Get a long-lasting lash lift and brow lamination with this 3-step intensive kit. With 16 silicone shields in 8 sizes, you can customize the lift exactly according to your needs. Plus, get a 5ml tube of crystal glue.

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dlux professional


PURITY PINK is a professional-grade eyelash adhesive developed for masters of classic and volume lashing. Boasting a drying time of 0.5 to 1 second and proven 8-week retention, it offers superior performance even in medium-humidity environments of 30-55% and temperatures of 18-24°C.